19 Apr

The Characteristics of Executive Rehab

rehab for CEOWe have all heard of luxury rehabs that cater to the likes of celebrities, with exclusive services in beautiful locations. But a fairly new concept in the world of addiction treatment is executive rehabilitation. This type of treatment, true to its name, is created for executives, high profile individuals such as CEOs and other successful working professionals, under the idea that this group of people is unique in their needs and wants. These types of programs have treatment, living and scheduling options that are suited specifically to the lifestyles of working professionals.

Some of the characteristics of a good quality executive drug and alcohol rehabilitation program are as follows:

  • The program material is tailored to the executive lifestyle, including features such as stress management, anger management, and a diet and exercise plan
  • The program schedule is flexible in order to accomodate business ventures
  • Business center type amenities are provided in order to keep working remotely, such as phones, computer, internet, desks, chairs and office equipment
  • A high standard of professionalism, including a proven history of success, an accredited program, the lastest in current treatment methods, and a fully licensed staff
  • A high staff to client ratio so that each client can receive thorough individual attention for their physical and mental healing needs
  • Services such as detox, counseling and ongoing support services will be provided
  • The surroundings and living amenities are luxurious and accomodating
  • Therapeutic, enjoyable activities are made available, such as outdoor sports, equine therapy, gardening and yoga
  • The location of the facility is therapeutic and exclusive

What to Expect from Executive Rehabilitation