30 Jul


Everyone looks up to an executive, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. These set of people have gone through a lot before they got to the peak of their career.

They have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, and they have come out strong. An executive is always a source of inspiration to other professionals in the corporate world, as many of them are role models.

An executive seems to have the perfect life, he has everything working for him, and it is less unlikely that addiction as a concept, would be associated with him. However, it would interest you to know that, executives are those who highly susceptible to addiction.

One reason for this is, executives are known to have very tight schedules, they could finish a meeting, and immediately get booked for another. They barely have time to rest, and time for their personal lives as well.

What makes it worse is, during time when workers in a company are on break, the executive barely has time for that, as he needs to work round the clock in order to ensure that the company meets up with the expectations of the public.

Hence, in a bid to cope with this kind of lifestyle, a good number of executives usually turn to substance dependence. Most of them take alcohol and drugs, to help them cope with addiction, and prevent them from breaking down at any point.

However, one downside with these substances is, they have a short-term effect. Better put, the good feeling which they give, only lasts for a short period of time. Hence, there is always a need for the executive to take more of these substances, so that he can remain on track.

With time, the executive would discover that, he makes more mistakes than usual, his thought pattern is affected, and he barely knows how to communicate with those around him. At this point, he needs to seek for help, and one of such places where he can get sufficient help, it an addiction treatment centre.

Now, it is expected that an executive would be reluctant because of his status, this is why there are executive rehab centres where the executives can go, as they would receive the best of treatment there.